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To establish from the beginning or to continually build your Software Asset Management (SAM) capability is not an easy task. Success in this activity will come down to hard work and taking advantage of events that happen within your organisation.

Networking with senior executives and people of influence is a mandatory requirement. To build support and rapport amongst these key organisational people will take time and needs to be done on a repeatable basis. It is important that you are seen as someone who provides solutions and have the positive attitude of searching for a way to have these done, and not been seen as someone who says why things can’t be done. These solutions should not be restricted to just your SAM role, this assists in building a reputation that you are a corporate player, not just interested in your own “patch” of SAM.

The SAM program that you are promoting should always align to organisational goals, priorities and objectives. Often you will have to provide the link between the organisations business plan and your SAM plan. In providing a clear “line of sight” from the organisations business plan to your SAM plan will demonstrate your alignment to the organisation. It will often be the case that you have to provide these linkages and educate the organisation. The organisations business plan and risk plan are key documents, as SAM is ideally placed to contribute substantially to the outcomes of these plans.

Monitoring and reporting of SAM achievements is one of the key marketing tools at your disposal. SAM can provide significant bottom line savings and be a clear deterrent to penalties that a software vendor may seek to apply due to potential non-compliance. Continually selling the message of SAM achievements and challenges is a key consideration in establishing and/or enhancing SAM capability.

SAM skills and experience are in short supply. To become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in SAM requires consistent effort, willingness to learn, listen and to have the right attitude. Being a SAM SME is achievable in time and this will provide you with authority in your organisation. To fast track your learning, the hiring of existing qualified people to coach and mentor you. Training and SAM resources are available to also assist in your education. SAM SME is a valuable resource to any organisation and is mandatory to establish and to build SAM capability.

This article on starting or improving Software Asset Management has covered some of the issues that fall within these subjects. There are a number of additional requirements and strategies on this subject. More in-depth information will become available in the topic specific articles and in-depth information articles.


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