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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is becoming more complex with the ever increasing number of software products, vendors and licensing models. ASAMA seeks to enable the SAM community to collaborate and improve its skills and knowledge through information sharing, ASAMA's SAM expert practitioners and education programs. ASAMA's mission is to provide to SAM professionals the information for best practice and continuous improvement. Together with a community for SAM professionals to learn, share and develop as individuals, and as organisational representatives.


The ASAMA SAM Maturity Assessment Practitioner's Guide is now available. This is the most comprehensive SAM Maturity Assessment guide based on the ISO 19770:2012-1 Standard that is available anywhere.  See the Practitioners Guide tab for more information.



Information on this site is divided into:


General Information - This information provides an overview of what is required to undertake Software Asset Management (SAM). These general information articles provided by SAM practitioners with many years experience from within an organisation, thereby we incorporate our real world experience in managing a comprehensive SAM program. This information is useful for people who have little or no experience in SAM, to help them gain an understanding of the complexities in the management of software assets.


Topic Specific Articles - This information is focused on specific topics and is designed to provide guidance on what needs to be done, what needs to be considered, and what to be wary of. The articles are based on real world experience and are written in straight forward, easy to read format. Access to these articles is available through ASAMA membership.


Membership -   ASAMA membership is free, it provides access to the Topic Specific Articles.