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About the Australian Software Asset Management Association

Welcome to the Australian Software Asset Management Association (ASAMA). Established in 2013, ASAMA provides Software Asset Management (SAM) information, knowledge, education and people networks to the Australian Information Technology (IT) community. The association was established by Terry Green who is an experienced SAM practitioner in the design, development and implementation of SAM programs. These programs have achieved the required business outcomes in savings and established enduring strategies, processes and operating procedures to maintain and achieve future savings.


Terry has extensive experience in information technology. Terry is an experienced professional who has more than 30 years experience with a broad set of ICT disciplines across a wide spectrum in small, medium and large organisations. For the past 5 years Terry has specialised in all aspects of Software Asset Management (SAM); architecting, designing, implementing and operating SAM programs, contract negotiation, contract management, governance, audit and compliance. In these disciplines, Terry brings his extensive ICT experience in organisation change management, planning and management experience, along with practical experience in planning, leading and communicating change.


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