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Software Asset Management (SAM) is complex, where many processes are required to be in sync and to be of a mature state, in order to deliver on the expected SAM outcomes. A SAM maturity model provides for an effective baselining of your organisations existing SAM process capabilities and provides guidance on what is required to improve them. SAM teams that can identify what they need to change, are more successful than those SAM teams that cannot, a SAM maturity model provides the tool to identify what needs to change.

A SAM maturity model provides guidance on the capabilities that should be displayed and evidenced at a certain maturity level. A SAM maturity model would typically identify best practices and evidence of the best practice at a maturity level. As previously stated, the SAM maturity model provides a benchmark; it can help to identify future goals, process improvements and priorities of the numerous SAM activities that your team undertakes. In the use of a SAM maturity model you will be able to form a view on the collective areas of SAM capability strengths and weakness.

If you are not using a SAM maturity model, it would be very difficult to ascertain just how mature your SAM capability and processes are. There would be a tendency just to accept the status quo and not to know what you should be improving on. All SAM teams need to be applying continuous improvement techniques to improve their SAM capability and services; a SAM maturity model assessment clearly demonstrates where the continuous improvement should be focussed on.

The ASAMA SAM maturity model is designed to enable an organisation to undertake its own maturity assessment utilising an established practical benchmark of processes based on the ISO 19770-1:2012 standard. There is no need to go to the expense of hiring an external consultant when the whole maturity assessment process is available in an easy to understand format.

To improve your organisations SAM capability it will be very difficult if you do not know have the answers to the very simple 3 step process of:

  • where are you now?
  • where do you need to be? and;
  • how will you get there

The ASAMA SAM maturity model has all the required detailed to determine the answers to these questions.


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